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Homestuck [180]
The Summoner (50)
Tavros Nitram (129)
Summoner+Tavros (1)

Delicious fudgebloods! )
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Homestuck [246]
Jane Crocker (120)
Jake English (150)
John Egbert (10)
Combos (19)

Alpha kids? Alpha kids. )
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Homestuck [300]
John Egbert (49)
Rose Lalonde (50)
Dave Strider (50)
Davesprite (8)
Jade Harley (84)
Jadesprite (5)
Kid Combos (54)

And then all the kids were God Tier )
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Homestuck [141]

Like the troll sprites, I felt these could use a do-over as well. New this time are Dave sprites and eye color backgrounds. After this post, everything that goes up will be old posts from [profile] tsp_ofstardust (consolidated now that I don't have to worry about character limits). So no new stuff until...whatever number post the mustard blood appreciation post ends up being.

Land Backgrounds )

Eye Backgrounds )
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Homestuck [468]

I decided to redo all the old sprite icons from my initial post on over on LJ now that I have more experience with spriting and iconning in general. Some of them are going to look exactly the same because there honestly wasn't much to fix, but they were all redone 100% from scratch anyway.

New this time around are Rainbow drinker Kanaya edits, battle sprites (Sollux, Vriska, Eridan & Feferi), as well as blood-colored backgrounds in addition to the land ones from the original post. Enjoy!

Land Backgrounds )

Blood Backgrounds )


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